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June 2022 Newsletter




Today's Economy, Tomorrow's Retirement

Is a recession looming? If you missed our most recent webinar, no need to worry! We have a replay available for you to join this lively conversation where we discussed high inflation & taxes and how to best position yourself in a bear market/market crash! We discuss the unique situation we find ourselves in while battling skyrocketing inflation in a time of great market volatility. We also review strategies of how we can protect your assets so you or your loved ones can live your golden years with dignity and comfort. The info we've shared during this workshop could make a big difference on the type of lifestyle you can afford during your retirement. Is the U.S. headed for a recession? Let’s talk about it here!




401(k) Mistakes You Have to Avoid

401(k)s are an essential part of retirement planning for many Americans. Because of their importance, it’s critical to avoid making mistakes with a 401(k) strategy.

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The Original Name for Google

The original name for the search engine Google was Backrub. It was renamed Google after the googol, which is the number one followed by 100 zeros.¹



Working While Receiving Social Security Benefits

The COVID-19 recession and the continuing pandemic pushed many older workers into retirement earlier than they had anticipated. A little more than 50% of Americans age 55 and older said they were retired in Q3 2021, up from about 48% two years earlier, before the pandemic.

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Caprese Salad

Once you try it this way you’ll never look back. It’s unbelievably easy to make and only requires a handful of basic ingredients. And you can serve it as an appetizer or side dish.

Get Cooking!


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A Look Inside:

You might have desires during retirement, such as traveling, purchasing property, or moving to be closer to your family (or farther away). You may also want your assets to provide for your loved ones after you are gone. The truth is that it takes more than just money to fulfill those needs and desires. Your income, your plans for retirement, your future healthcare expenses, and the continued accumulation of your assets after you stop working and drawing a paycheck all rely on one thing: You

You'll Learn:
  • ​Investment Solutions
  • Social Security Strategies
  • Legacy Planning
  • Asset Organization

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