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July 2021 Newsletter



Summer Activities: Fun with Family and Friends, From Barbeques to Golf, travelling to a favorite destination, Beach or Lake, hiking or camping, slow down take in the sun and get out there and play!

One thing with travel and being out and about during summer is a theme that we keep seeing: The non-stop scams for ID theft. A good example is I got a call on my phone the other day telling me that my Social Security number was compromised and was “suspended”. That was a new one to me and very well done as a scam, but I knew that was not possible. Keep diligent as there is no shortage of new ideas to get your personal information. Because of that fact we recommend periodically checking your accounts and looking for things like address, contact changes or any other material changes such as ownership and beneficiaries as a just in case measure to prevent theft. That is why for your protection we have a process that requires You to sign off and document changes for any accounts.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at any time as we are always happy to help.

Thank you!



Pension or Lump Sum: Which Should You Choose?

Traditional pensions, which promise lifetime income payments in retirement, have become less common in the private sector, with only about 10% of workers currently participating in a traditional pension plan. However, pensions are still widely offered in federal, state and local government employment, and 61% of workers expect a pension to be a major or minor source of retirement income.¹

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Fruit Fit For A King²
The pineapple made its way to England in the 17th century and by the 18th century, being seen with one was an instant indicator of wealth — a single pineapple could cost the equivalent of $8,000 today. In fact, the fruit was so desirable and rare that consumers often rented a pineapple for the night to show off to fellow party-goers.


A Backup Plan for Your Paycheck

Your ability to earn a paycheck may be your most valuable asset. In a 2020 survey, two out of three people said it would take six months or less for their household to face a financial impact if the primary wage earner became disabled. Half said they would use their personal savings, and many would have to ask for help from their families, take out loans, or tap retirement accounts.³

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Strawberry Ice Cream

Use your ice cream maker to create this rich and creamy strawberry ice cream.

Get Mixing!


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