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February 2021 Newsletter


Flowers, chocolates and financial reviews, that’s what February looks like for us.  Doesn’t sound very romantic but what better way to show your love and commitment to your family or significant others than to get your financial affairs in order.  Rather than making financial decisions “from the heart”, we are here to offer you our knowledge and expertise. 

The new year has already motivated a lot of people to schedule meetings to discuss anticipated changes.  Those changes might include starting a new job, planning for retirement, acquisition of new assets (inheritance, bonus), or concerns about passing on wealth because of potential changes in estate tax policies.  Whatever the reason, our goal is to be here to help you realize your financial dreams with solutions that fit your personal, family and business needs.  Give us a call anytime, we are happy to serve you.

Some reminders to our clients:
Tax season starts later this year, the IRS pushed back the start of tax season by several weeks, delaying the acceptance and processing of tax returns until February 12 but the filing deadline is still April 15th.   

  • Don’t forget to get your 1099 tax forms for your Schwab or other Investment accounts.  They will be available online beginning in February.  To access them, log in and select “Statements and Documents” from the menu, then “Tax Documents”.  If you would like a paper copy, you can print from there.
  • Make your IRA Contributions soon.  Don’t wait till the last minute!
There is no increase from 2020 for 401(k) or IRA contribution limits, which remain at $6,000 per year for workers under age 50 and $7,000 per year for workers age 50 and older. 
  • Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) were suspended for 2020 but are back for 2021:  Starting at age 72, you must take RMDs, which could increase your tax burden.  If you plan to take a retirement account distribution, understand how it will be taxed or change your investment balance. 

With Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, the Super Bowl and South Dakota College Football action starting up, we have a lot to look forward to.   Have a great month. Stay safe and healthy!   

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Investment Advisor, Mark Kontz, and our Marketing Consultant, Kathy Kontz, spent January in Tampa, Florida visiting with their son and his family.  They celebrated Christopher’s birthday by attending a Bucs game.  Who knew the Buccaneers would end up playing in the Super Bowl game?  Chris was born Super Bowl weekend 39 years ago. 

Mark and Kathy will be watching the Super Bowl from home and haven’t let us know who they will be cheering for, the Chiefs or the Bucs? 


5 Situations When You May Want to Pause Retirement Savings

Being financially healthy throughout your journey to retirement is just as important as being financially healthy once you retire.

For that reason and inspired by a recent U.S. News and World Report article,1 let’s explore a few situations when it may make sense for you to stop saving for retirement — temporarily, of course.

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National Wedding Month²
From as early as the 17th century, the Welsh have had a unique tradition of
courtship. A young man would take a single piece of wood and ornately carve it into a spoon. Then he would gift it to the woman he is courting as a token of love and intention. If accepted, the spoon became symbolic of an engagement between the couple. This love spoon also served as a promise that the groom would never let the bride go hungry. Nowadays, love spoons can be purchased. They are also given as gifts for other special occasions, such as christenings and birthdays.


Your Estate: Have You Looked at These Legal Documents Lately?

If you haven’t prepared certain estate documents, or the ones you have are out-of-date, your intentions could easily become a matter of dispute. The courts might have to make critical decisions regarding your medical care and finances or determine who will receive your assets when you die.

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Raspberry Almond Kiss​

A Sweet Valentine's Day Treat!

Get Cooking


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