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February 2021 Newsletter



For this month’s newsletter insight’s we want to share a few ideas for online security especially in today’s digital environment. While we are not in the “security or IT business” we all need to be extremely careful out there to keep safe our personal information from prying eyes. These are just some of the things that we employ that may be helpful for You:

  • Do not send emails that have ANY personal information that could be stolen or used against you. Examples are Social Security numbers, Account numbers, Etc.
  • If You do send an email use a Secure or Encrypted option and keep that email secure when replying or forwarding. If you are not familiar with how to do this take a few minutes to look up how to do this online, it is fairly simple and there are lots of resources out there.
  • Keep a security password on ALL Electronics that may have personal information. From your Mobile Phone to Your Computer this adds an extra level of security access to those devices.
  • Be aware of whether you are using a home or work vs public network when you are online and set your Electronics privacy settings appropriately.
  • Do NOT “save” or use “automatic” passwords. While this is very convenient, it is VERY convenient for those prying eyes as you have left the electronic “door” open for them.
  • 2 Factor Authentication: again, not a convenience for You, but another level of “locked door” to go thru to verify who is logging in to those websites that have private information on You.

This is just a short list to share some salient points of security in our digital world which is constantly changing. Since Technology moves forward at an extremely fast pace we always recommend that you find and work with a reputable “IT” company that can help and guide you with Your privacy and Security.

Thank you!




5 Situation When You May Want to Pause Retirement Savings

Being financially healthy throughout your journey to retirement is just as important as being financially healthy once you retire.

For that reason and inspired by a recent U.S. News and World Report article,1 let’s explore a few situations when it may make sense for you to stop saving for retirement — temporarily, of course.

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National Wedding Month²
From as early as the 17th century, the Welsh have had a unique tradition of
courtship. A young man would take a single piece of wood and ornately carve it into a spoon. Then he would gift it to the woman he is courting as a token of love and intention. If accepted, the spoon became symbolic of an engagement between the couple. This love spoon also served as a promise that the groom would never let the bride go hungry. Nowadays, love spoons can be purchased. They are also given as gifts for other special occasions, such as christenings and birthdays.

Your Estate: Have You Looked at These Legal Documents Lately?

If you haven’t prepared certain estate documents, or the ones you have are out-of-date, your intentions could easily become a matter of dispute. The courts might have to make critical decisions regarding your medical care and finances or determine who will receive your assets when you die.

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A Sweet Valentine's Day Treat!

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