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July 2020 Newsletter


Interest Rates, Savings & Debt is an area of planning that should be priority for both individuals and businesses, especially in current times.

Since the beginning of the year and with all that has transpired, interest rates that were already low have moved even lower and are expected to remain low for some time. This creates both opportunities and concerns that can be addressed with some planning and diligence.

OPPORTUNITY: What if you could find an extra $100, $200 or more each month to keep in your pocket? Interest rates have continued to test historical lows and continue to move lower. If you are carrying ANY debt, such as a mortgage, auto loan, personal loan, etc., it is highly recommended that you review these types of debts. Find out if you can reduce your interest rates and create more of what we call “positive” cash flow. Your newly discovered “positive” cash could even be significantly higher, making a substantial difference that you could then plan either to boost up savings or use it towards accelerating the paydown of the debt.

CONCERN: With savings and other interest earning accounts, low rates are reflective of what is being offered for your money that you need to keep safe and available (such as emergency funds). You do want to keep your money working for you and again we highly recommend reviewing those accounts. If you do not currently have an emergency fund account, you may want to consider setting one up and finding the best option to get you the highest available rates. These accounts are earning in a range of .01% up to 1%, which may not seem earth shattering, but that extra in your pocket is always an advantage to you.

Combining your positive cash flow from debt and making your savings work for you, is a powerful combination! It can add up and help you to be in a better position with your planning and more prepared for times like these.

As always, please reach out to us with questions or guidance with the topics and resources, we are here to help.

Thank you!





How Knowing the Social Security Rules Is Valuable

Social Security is vital for many Americans.

A recent article suggested that Social Security is keeping nearly 15 million retirees out of poverty.¹ Beyond that, millions more rely on the program to supplement their income and protect their quality of life during retirement.

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During WWII, Lipstick Became A Sign Of Patriotism²

Bright red lipstick roared back into fashion during WWII for a surprising reason. Hitler reportedly hated red lipstick, so American women painted their lips to tell off Hitler's supporters.

Women flooded the factories and the battlefields in the 1940s, wearing red lipstick as a sign of patriotism and bravery. The Marines created a mandatory lipstick for female Marines called Montezuma Red. The red color represented the American flag and came to symbolize strength.

Do Your Best to Avoid Common Retirement Mistakes

One of the secrets about building a retirement strategy that will help you reach your goals in retirement is avoiding common mistakes. It can be difficult because there are a lot of them. But avoiding those mistakes will help you feel confident that your finances will see you through your retirement and potentially even leave a legacy for your heirs.

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Chocolate & Berries Yogurt Dessert

A dessert perfect for every summer gathering.

Get Baking!


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