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April 2020 Newsletter



Happy Easter!

We are hoping this finds you healthy and your household dealing with the impact of this unique global pandemic. We are worried first and foremost with the well-being of our clients. The economy will heal and come back but we are praying for your health and safety. For your safety and well-being and that of our employees, we have closed our lobby and are not currently seeing clients face to face. This has been extremely difficult for our advisors who want to be here every day, but we are available anytime by phone.

Coronavirus shutdowns are forcing historically unprecedented changes even as we celebrate Easter and the arrival of spring. For many of us, we will not be with extended family or able to attend church services like we normally would. Regardless, May the Lord bless you on this auspicious day of Easter, and may it be a new beginning of greater prosperity, success and happiness, we wish you a Happy Easter.

We encourage you to contact us anytime. We are here to answer questions, talk about the market, and review your portfolio with you, if desired.


Travis 402-992-1117
Mark 605-351-5060
Zach 605-231-3290
Brady 605-553-5067

Meet Thomas Hood

Title: Registered Investment Advisor and a Strategic Advisor to Swenson Wealth Management

Swenson Wealth Management works with various third-party money managers. One of our strategic alliances is with Alternative Investment Advisors, LLC (AIA). AIA is an SEC-registered investment advisor firm offering clients customized asset management services, which are based upon the Client’s unique investment goals, objectives, and risk tolerance.

AIA has extensive experience working directly with financial advisors designing and actively managing portfolios. Thomas takes care of portfolio management construction and oversees all compliance requirements of the RIA.

About Thomas:

Thomas received his BS in Finance from the University of Florida in ’06, and his MBA from the University of Central Florida in ’07. He began his career in portfolio management in 2009.

Thomas and his wife, Nicole, were married April of 2010 and are looking forward to their 10th wedding anniversary this month. They have three children: McKenzie - 6, Aubrey-5 and Parker- 2, and a playful cocker spaniel named Daisy.

Hobbies: Anything outdoors with the family, mostly beach and boat. We travel as a family as much as we can. We like to head to Michigan in the summers.



Make Tax Season a Little Easier

Tax season is many things to many people — particularly their accounts. But one thing you rarely hear tax season called is “easy.”

A recent article is hoping to make the season a little easier.¹ Here are a few of the things that you can draw inspiration from.

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The Original One Liner²

Before Ma Bell came to town, and long before DSL, it was barbed wire, of all things, that brought rural communities together. A Sears telephone hooked up to barbed wire—miles of which were already conveniently strung along fences—connected far-flung ranches in the recently settled American west.

Without switchboards, without individual lines, and without telephone fees, the barbed wire telephone system became its own social network. Every telephone along the fences would ring at the same time. Each house had its own distinctive ring—two short, one long, for example—and it was considered impolite to listen in on another’s call. Of course, when things got lonely out there on the ranch, there was no guarantee of privacy.

By the 1920s, most of these fence line phones were replaced by formal company systems. Barbed wire fences are still abound today at borders keeping people either in or out. For few decades barbed wired brought people not apart, but together.


How to Use Your Tax Refund for Good

It can be fun to get money back with your tax refund. But that fun can turn into something a little more valuable, and a little more long-lasting, if you use your refund strategically.

Take, for instance, a Roth IRA contribution. If you aren’t maxing out your Roth IRA contribution each year, using your tax refund to do so is a great idea.

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April Fools’ Cake

A fun and delicious cake to fool your friends!

Get Baking!


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