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September 2019 Newsletter






Unearthing Three Harsh Realities of Retirement

As you prepare for retirement, it may be helpful to know that there are some potential realities that traditional retirement advice may overlook or ignore.

A few of these were highlighted in “3 Harsh Realities Retirement Advice Almost Always Ignores,” an article published on Yahoo Finance on June 24, 2019. Let’s dig into each of these realities.

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As time goes by, common phrases have a tendency to change meanings through literature or everyday use. In celebration of International Literacy day, this month's trivia will take a closer look at some of these common sayings!1

Carpe Diem

This Latin phrase is often translated as “seize the day” in English, and it’s used to justify spontaneous behavior in order to make the most of that day. This, however, is not entirely true. The phrase we think we know so well is much longer: “carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero,” which means “pluck the day, trusting as little as possible in the future.” Thus, the actual phrase does not encourage us to ignore the future, but rather advises us to do as much as we can now for the future.

Sweating Like a Pig

When someone is “sweating like a pig,” it indicates profuse, heavy perspiration. But there’s one little problem with this common phrase: pigs don’t sweat. In fact, the origin of the phrase has nothing to do with pigs, but refers to pig iron, which is produced from iron ore during the smelting process. The metal is deemed cool enough to transport once droplets of condensation begin forming on the metal’s surface — so when the “pig” begins to “sweat” the metal can be safely moved.

Cold Shoulder

To receive the cold shoulder is to have someone treat you dismissively, with a chilly demeanor. And while you might think the phrase is derived from someone turning his or her back on someone, the origin is quite different. In fact, the actual meaning indicates that those who are welcome in a house are presented with a hot meal, while unwelcome visitors are instead given a cold shoulder of mutton.


Fear Not — You Can Change Your Spending Ways

A lot of personal finance advice can be lumped in to two phrases: Spend less and Save more.

Often, finance experts focus on how little has been saved or how many people are spending too much, but there is some good news. There’s a group of Americans who have recently cut their spending and that group is larger than you may think! A July 2019 article from The Motley Fool highlighted this group and gave some tips in their article, “33% of Americans Slashed Their Spending This Past Year. Here’s How You Can Do It.”

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Harvest Chicken Casserole 2

A satisfying casserole with all of your fall favorites. Check out this amazing dish!

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