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"A Guide to Getting Your House In Order"

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What You May Need to Know about Annuities

Annuities: You’ve probably heard of them before and some of you might be quite familiar with annuities as a retirement income option.

Because they can be confusing and have many different options, it can help to have some information that simplifies the concept of an annuity.

First of all, what is an annuity? An annuity is an insurance product you can purchase that may promise a certain level of income for life. Some reasons people purchase annuities are to generate lifetime income, grow tax-deferred retirement savings, and provide a legacy for their heirs.

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The Maine Potato Episode
“The Maine Potato Episode,” occurred on April 5, 1943 when the USS O’Bannon came across a large Japanese submarine, the RO-35, which was cruising on the surface and oblivious to the approaching ship.

Ernest Herr, a sailor onboard the O’Bannon, stated that the Japanese sailors were sleeping on the deck. The sleeping crew quickly woke up and found themselves directly across from their enemy.

Without any other usable tools, the O’Bannon crew began to grab whatever they had at their disposal to fight the Japanese. Reaching inside nearby storage bins, the crew began to pelt the Japanese sailors with the barrels’ content. Inside the containers were potatoes and soon an epic potato battle began. Either the Japanese were not used to potatoes or believed the potatoes were hand grenades. This crazy food fight allowed the O’Bannon to best the Japanese submarine.

Upon hearing about the potato incident, the Association of Potato Growers of Maine sent a plaque commemorating the event. It was mounted near the crew’s mess hall, since, as Herr noted, “it was the crew’s battle.”


Building Wealth Might Be Simpler Than You Think

Wealth building isn’t about get-rich-quick schemes or chasing the trends in the stock market. Often, it just comes down to making the right financial decisions, big and small, over an extended period of time.

An article from May 2019 entitled, “3 Simple Steps to Building Wealth3” provides some steps that are worth sharing. Sometimes, it can seem like the secret to wealth building is a mystery, when in fact it can be simpler than you think.

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It's grilling season, give pork skewers big flavor with a sweet and savory glaze.

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