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August 2018 Newsletter



ETS Clients
You're invited to attend our new Educational Class: "Taxes and Retirement"

Monday, August 13th ​ Thursday, August 16th
11:30 a.m. 6:00 p.m.

Dacula Park Activity Building
Meeting Room
2735 Auburn Ave.
Dacula, GA 30019

Join us to learn some of the latest techniques and strategies to create Tax Income Streams in Retirement.

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A Retirement You Can Be Proud Of

Changes in society and the economy may affect your personal life and the ways you interact in your everyday happenings - and retirement is no different. Each generation faces its own unique set of financial circumstances and challenges to overcome, which are ever evolving.

For instance, baby boomers grew up in the tumultuous Cold War times, members of Gen X shouldered the brunt of the recession and millennials have more student debt than any generation in history. Things like technology, health care and older Americans working longer than ever continue to reshape our current retirement landscape.

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August Fun Facts 1

  1. The birthstones for August are the peridot (green) and the sardonyx (white and orange layered)
  2. The zodiac signs for August are Leo (July 23 - August 22) and the Virgo (August 23 - September 22
  3. August in the Northern Hemisphere is similar to February in the Southern Hemisphere
  4. August's flower is the gladiolus - discovered in Africa and was initially used for food (don't try this at home!)
  5. The name "August" was given by the Roman Emperor August, in 8 BC
  6. August is also known as the Harvest Month
  7. Famous birthday in August include Barack Obama, Hulk Hogen, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck, Madonna, and Robert DeNiro


How Can I Use My Home To Raise Some Money Without Selling It? 2

You may want to consider a reverse annuity mortgage, more commonly known as a reverse mortgage. Developed to help the elderly find an additional source of income while remaining in their homes, reverse mortgages are steadily proliferating and in many instances are federally insured. Generally speaking, reverse mortgages are offered at fixed rates of interest. All parties to the deed must be 62 or older before you can qualify. Your lender would appraise your property to determine how much equity is available for you to borrow against. The older you are at the time of your application, the larger the percentage of your equity you may access. Once this amount is determined, you may borrow against it through one of three types of mortgages.




Get Creative With S'mores

S'mores are a classic summer treat, but have you ever tried being creative with the savory dessert? Here are 10 ways to change up your s'mores. The possibilities are endless.
Get Roasting!



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