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July 2018 Newsletter



ETS is always looking for ways to use technology to improve customer services and satisfaction. Be on the lookout for two new features in the Generational Vault: Wealth Watch and ByAllAccounts.
Wealth Watch and ByAllAccounts will provide you with instant access to all your information. This section of Generational Vault is designed to prepare you with a consolidated view of your investment and insurance values. Wealth Watch and ByAllAccounts allow you to enter held-away accounts, giving you a better picture of your overall financial situation.
For more information about Wealth Watch and ByAllAccounts, contact ETS Financial at (770) 904-1978.


How Will Social Security Impact Your Retirement?

Having a solid base of understanding on Social Security strategy is vital for retirement success. If done correctly, you can better maximize your overall retirement income plan. Understanding Social Security is one step to you avoid any costly mistakes as you plan for retirement.

Once you’re no longer working, your working income streams stop but your need for income does not. Identifying other guaranteed sources of income that you can use to replace your old salary is a challenge that many retirees face. Many retirees have some type of assets they can rely upon, like money in a savings or retirement account, or other investments like stocks, but this is often not enough to provide a steady income stream. In other words, a shortfall often remains between the amounts you have and the amount you will need during retirement. This “income gap,” as it’s referred to, needs to be bridged somehow to have a long and happy retirement, and Social Security can be a useful tool in filling a portion of that gap.




Fourth of July Fun Facts 1

  1. Only 2 people actually signed the Declaration on July 4th: John Hancock and Charles Thompson. Most of the other signed on August 2nd.
  2. Calvin Coolidge was the only president to be born on July 4th.
  3. Three presidents have died on July 4th - John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe.
  4. July 4th wasn't deemed a federal holiday until 1870, nearly 100 years after the nation was founded.
  5. Americans consume around 155 million hot dogs on the 4th of July
  6. $341.4 million is spent on beer and $167.5 million on watermelon for the 4th of July


If I'm Covered by Medicare, Should I Have Additional Health Insurance? 2

You may need to purchase health insurance to supplement your Original Medicare coverage, because Medicare generally won't cover all of your medical expenses. Usually, you'll have to satisfy a deductible before Medicare pays anything, and you'll also pay a co-payment when you visit a physician or are admitted to the hospital.




Grilled Chicken Pizza

For easy grilled pizza, start with a prepared pizza crust, shredded cheese and fresh tomatoes. Add grilled chicken to make it a hearty meal.



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