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July 2019 Newsletter





Why Phased Retirements Can Be Hard to Pull Off

A traditional retirement is the culmination of a lifetime of work and is, typically, a person’s permanent withdrawal from working. A phased retirement is the gradual reduction of working hours, giving employers and employees the opportunity to adjust to a new working reality over a period of time.

Often, when a worker leaves employment, for retirement or another reason, there is a chaotic period of adjustment. A phased retirement or flexible work arrangements can help alleviate some of that chaos. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, though. Though some employers share a mutual interest with employees to phase retirements, many don’t have the systems in place to pull it off1.

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The "Dog Days" of summer originated as far back as ancient Greece and Rome!
The term originated not from the pup-like laziness the heat leaves us feeling. Instead, the term arose to describe the days in which the dog star, Sirius, rises just before the sun. This occurs in late July, so this month is all about dogs!

The Best Doggy Paddler and More Weird Anatomy!
  • The Newfoundland has a water-resistant coat and webbed feet.
  • Just like human fingerprints, no two dogs' nose prints are alike.
  • Dogs have three eyelids, including one to keep their eyes moist and protected.
  • The Basenji is the only barkless dog (though they are known to yodel).
  • The Norwegian Lundehund is the only dog with six toes on each foot.
Historic Good Dogs and Bad Dogs!
  • In ancient China, people kept warm by putting dogs up their sleeves.
  • President Lyndon Johnson's beagles were named Him and Her.
  • Mastiffs wore armor and were sent after mounted knights in Roman times.
  • President Theodore Roosevelt's Bull Terrier, Pete, ripped the pants off French Ambassador Jules Jusserand.


Retirement Doesn't Have to Be a Hard Stop

Everyone has a different vision for what they’ll do in retirement. For some, that means additional time with family; for others it’s time spent traveling.

No matter your plans for retirement, I would hazard a guess that everyone has a similar vision for what happens on the day before retirement and the day after. The day before, you go to work. And the day after, you don’t.

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Creamy Layered Blueberry Ice Pops 2

Looking for a taste way to beat the heat this month? Check out these awesome popsicles!

Get Mixing!

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