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April 2018 Newsletter



Office News

Save the Date

June 2nd, 2018
11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Chateau Elan Winery & Resort

We are so grateful for everyone who supports our business as clients and friends!
To show our appreciation, we are setting this time aside for an afternoon of good food, fun and fellowship at the beautiful Chateau Elan Winery & Resort.
Personalized invitations and itinerary to follow.


Join Us for Our Upcoming Workshop!

Retirement Income Planning
April 16th, 2018
Duluth Festival Center



Hot Topic

Don't Outlive Your Income 1-2

With the added complexity found across today’s financial topography, there seem to be more questions than ever before for investors and retirees alike when it comes to determining how long their savings will last them.

Whether it’s the rising cost of healthcare, uncertainty in the stock market or skyrocketing consumer and credit card debt, being able to comfortably retire in today’s financial landscape may seem more like a chess match than a relaxing game of checkers.

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Spring Trivia 3

1. The first day of spring is also called the vernal equinox. The day is one of only
two days every year when the sun passes directly over the equator.

2. ‘Vernal’ is Latin for spring while ‘equinox’ is Latin for ‘equal night.’

3. The spring and fall equinoxes are the only two times in the year when the sun rises due east and sets due west.

4. In ancient Greece, Persephone was the goddess of spring. During winters, she was known as the Queen of the Underworld, and she would return to the earth in the Spring and preside over growth.



Tips & Tricks

Should I Retire at Age 62 and Collect Social Security? 4

There’s no right time to begin collecting Social Security benefits, but the age at which you begin receiving benefits will affect how much retirement income you have, so you should weigh the consequences carefully. If you collect Social Security before your full retirement age, your benefit will be permanently reduced.

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Tech Tips: How Can I Protect Myself From Digital Deception? 5

Imagine that you receive an email with an urgent message asking you to verify your banking information by clicking on a link. Or maybe you get an enticing text message claiming that you’ve won a free vacation to the destination of your choice — all you have to do is click on the link you were sent. In both scenarios, clicking on the link causes you to play right into the hands of a cyber criminal seeking your sensitive information. Just like that, you’re at risk for identity theft because you were tricked by a social engineering scam. Social engineering attacks are a form of digital deception in which cyber criminals psychologically manipulate victims into divulging sensitive information. Take steps to protect yourself from a social engineering scam.

1. Don’t click on suspicious or unfamiliar links in emails, text messages, and instant messaging services. Be sure to look for the secure lock symbol and the letters https: in the address bar of your internet browser.

2. Never download an email attachment unless you can verify that the sender is legitimate.

3. Don’t send money to charities or organizations that request help unless you can follow up directly with the charitable group.

4. Be wary of unsolicited messages. If you get an email, text or phone call that asks you for financial information or passwords, do not reply — delete it.



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