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December 2023 Newsletter






Tips for Transferring Your Wealth

A September 2023 Kiplinger article, Three Ways Parents Can Transfer Wealth to Help Their Kids, has some interesting insights into how you can transfer your assets in ways that may not burden your heirs with extra taxes.


The first possibility is custodial accounts. When a child is still young, some parents open a Uniform Transfer to Minors Act account, UTMA for short, or a Uniform Gifts to Minors Act account, otherwise known as a UGMA.

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You Can Hear Thundersnow When the Conditions Are Right

If you’ve ever heard the unmistakable rumble of thunder in the middle of a snowstorm, that’s not your ears playing tricks on you. It’s likely thundersnow, a rare winter weather phenomenon that’s most common near lakes. When relatively warm columns of air rise from the ground and form turbulent storm clouds in the sky in the winter, there’s potential for thundersnow. A few more factors are still necessary for it to occur, namely air that’s warmer than the cloud cover above it and wind that pushes the warm air upwards.1



New Life for Your Old Insurance Policy

Life insurance can serve many valuable purposes. However, later in life — when your children have grown, you've retired, or you've paid off your mortgage — you may think you no longer need to keep your coverage, or perhaps your coverage has become too expensive. You might be tempted to abandon the policy or surrender your life insurance coverage, but there are other alternatives to consider.

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Homemade Eggnog

You wont believe how easy and DELICIOUS homemade eggnog is, and this recipe really is the best! Thick and creamy with the perfect mild flavor and hint of nutmeg. You’ll never buy store-bought eggnog again!

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